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Stand-Up Paddle Board Tours, Rentals, Beginner Lessons, PaddleYoga & PaddleFit

We have loads of options for paddle boarding; 2 hour eco tour, paddle board rentals (we will supply you with a map), intro to paddle boarding, paddle yoga and paddle fit classes and our Back Country Boat Trip. Paddle boarding is easier than it looks so come and paddle with us!


Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals — $30/person

Paddleboarding is fun and suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Rentals ok for beginners too! We’ll give you a lesson before you leave the dock and send you on your way to explore wherever you’d like to go! Rentals can be reserved online

Stand-Up Paddle Board Tours — $50/person

Along with your experienced guide you will paddle at a relaxing pace and explore the shallow, calm, blue-green waters of the back country of Key West. You will glide through the winding mangrove creeks and paddle through inches of water, where you can easily view and learn about the geological structure of the Keys along with its inhabitants.

Your adventure will give you a chance to view the mangrove environment up close, along with its marine life including tropical fish, crabs, sea stars, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, sponges and various aquatic birds.

Tours run daily at 10:00 and 2:00. Water, hats, sunscreen available for purchase. Dry bags available to rent or purchase. Beginner’s welcome! Kids unable to paddle the distance themselves are welcome to ride on the front of their parent’s board. Dogs welcome. Have someone in your party that would rather kayak? No problem! It’s the same price, just book it under the same last name for kayak tour and paddle board tour and we’ll make sure you go together!

Introduction to Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, $50/person

Private Stand-Up Paddle Board lesson $75


If you think you need a longer lesson than the one included with your rental than consider a Beginner Class or Private lesson. Standup Paddling is a new activity for many.  This class is geared towards people who have never paddleboarded before.  Our guide will teach you the basic techniques and take you on an hour long paddle over the calm protected nearshore waters of Key West.  We have stable easy to ride boards.  We haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been able to stand up on the board. Two hour lesson. One hour with instructor, one hour on your own


Back Country Adventure Tour

Book online now!

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Come for a ride on our boat! Relax and unwind as one of our experienced guides leads your next paddling eco-tour adventure out to the sleek backcountry! Paddle and explore pristine waters among towering mangrove jungles or relax atop an isolated sand-bar oasis.

Enjoy laid-back comfort and a change of pace……we are on island time
aboard Lazy Dog’s cozy and spacious pontoon.

Nestled between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico located at the end of the Florida straits, Lazy Dog offers customized boating, kayaking, SUP and snorkeling to its Key West visitors! Guests can discover and observe

diverse marine habitats and wildlife refuges, spot an abundance of marine birds, sea life (such as rays, turtles, and manatee) and beautiful fish, snorkel among living sponge gardens and coral rock and explore and paddle through natural winding tidal creeks on one of our island adventures……. Truly unique Eco-experiences await! Families and Pets welcome!



Ask us about customizing your idea of a good time!

Morning Half Day Trip Schedule

Afternoon Half Day Trip Schedule

Full Day Trip Schedule

Trip Pricing
Half DayPrices: Special: $400 up to 6 people. all boat tours are private for social distancing

Full day Prices:

$800 up to 6 people. only private boat tours available for social distancing

call/text 305-295-9898 or email: [email protected] to book a full day!

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Paddle Yoga, $30/person


The Mangroves support the perfect spot for a Yoga session, offering protection from the wind and tides. SUPing is a great way to improve balance, gain core strength, and connect with nature. Toss in a few OMs, some breathing and you have Stand-up paddle board Yoga.

Practicing yoga on a SUP brings a whole new perspective to being fully present in the moment Asanas (yoga postures) create a new challenge while floating, requiring full awareness, acceptance of mother natures mood and of course a sense of humor!

Cobra pose takes on a new meaning as the sun bathes your face and illuminates your soul. Headstand brings fourth buoyant freedom as your feet soar to the sky.

Relaxing in Savasana, the sounds of birds and the fish jumping about allows one to sink into a natural state of bliss.  All levels are welcome to experience this new pastime.  Any practice can be modified for the beginner or intensified for the advanced.  2 hour class.

Cost is $30/class or multipack classes available, 5 classes for $100

Paddle Fit, $15/person


Paddle Fit is a fun and challenging workout focusing on endurance, strength, core, balance and functional movement, a complete mental and physical workout on the water.  Paddle Fit keeps your workouts exciting and ever changing as we paddle over the waters surrounding Key West bringing us new and exciting elements to train in every day.  By changing up routines and exercises you will see amazing transformations in both your body and attitude.  Our Paddle Fit instructor will take you through an hour long fitness session on the water unlike any other.  Paddle Fit is not your average workout, so if you don’t want to be average then come join us.

Cost is $15/class or multipack classes available, 10 classes for $100




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