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Lazy Dog:
A True Story

In 1997, after winning Executive of the Year for an international footwear company, I did, well, what most wouldn’t do, I quit! I decided instead of working for a living I wanted to life the life I wanted: to live on an island, open my own business and have a dog. I moved to Key West, started running a kayak company and rescued a border collie, Molly.

Lazy Dog started in 1998 as a kayak company and tee shirt company. The logo for the company was inspired by Camillo, the original Lazy Dog. In 2007 we purchased paddle boards for “fun” so we could play but they were also available to rent. Two years later we had the largest fleet of paddleboards on the island.

Sue Cooper and a lazy dog
a dog sitting on a boat in the water

We began traveling the country, racing paddle board, taking classes, clinics and getting certified to bring back paddle boarding to Key West the right way. All the while bringing our brand with us and setting up booths at events.

I can look back today and say my vision for life/work is a dream come true. When I moved to Key West I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I new the culture I wanted; to work outside, around the water, where I wanted to come to work and have my friends work with me.

The Lazy Dog crew is a fun, adventurous, travel loving, water loving group of people. We are family, with a majority of the group being part of Lazy Dog for over 10 years. In fact we joke that we are each other’s longest relationship.

In 2012 I wrote a book, Millionaire in Flip Flops, based on the shift from the corporate world to living the life I want. Its about giving up the desire to make millions and live the life I wanted, living where I want, doing something I’m passionate about and having great friends to share it all with. Where there’s no difference between work and play. This is the Lazy Dog Life.

a group of people walking in front of a store

As we continue to enjoy delivering fun and adventurous experiences on the water, our merchandise line has gone from a brand that we only used to see on our friends to a nationally known brand. All our designs are based on actual dogs (mostly the ones that come to work with us everyday) and are drawn by local artist.

Our company now offers kayak and paddle board tours and lessons as well as paddle board classes, clinics, lessons, PaddleFit and PaddleYoga.

When visiting Key West be sure to come by and say ‘hi” and meet the dogs. And in the meantime, you can follow us on Facebook.

Come see why our customers keep coming back and say “we were the highlight of their vacation”.

a dog sitting on a table