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Millionaire In Flip Flops

The Lifestyle Edition – by Sue Cooper

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Sue Cooper, entrepreneur and founder of Lazy Dog Adventures, traded her former corporate ladder rungs and “executive of the year” title for the kicked-back seat of some Key West kayaks …and found wealth beyond measure.

In her book Millionaire In Flip Flops, Cooper shares her stories and adventures with a raw vulnerability and in a tone so inviting you want to crawl into her backpack and come along for the ride.   Whether scrambling to keep her business ideas moving forward to rambling down rocky Hawaiian trails to help illuminate spiritual truths, her stories keep you reading on, eager to know more.  Cooper also offers clear, specific tasks throughout the chapters so that you, too, can free yourself from old beliefs and begin to create and live your own Millionaire in Flip Flops lifestyle.

Says Cooper in her introduction: “The stories in this book will take you on my own personal journey and quest to let go of the corporate job that fit me like a bad pair of shoes to find a better way of living, ultimately landing me in the position as owner of Lazy Dog Adventures, an outdoor adventure outfit in Key West, Florida. How, you wonder?  By merging all aspects of my life (work, play, family, friends, spirituality, fitness, health) to create a truly organic lifestyle.  Because when it comes down to it, organic is not just the way you eat.  It’s also a way of life.

This book will give you tips on how to better enjoy your life by letting go of what we are “supposed to do” and embrace life and all its ups and downs.  We are here to live (not survive!)  so jump in, now!  Don’t wait ’til Monday to start.  Experience your life the way you see fit and don’t worry about the outcome.  Just shake things up and give yourself permission to live outside your comfort zone for a while.  See what happens. I promise you that by doing so you will grow.”

Today, Cooper is a professional paddleboarder, franchise business owner and author that travels the world with friends while racing and promoting her Lazy Dog brand- simply doing what she loves.

“Sue has an amazing zest for life and an innate ability to create bold and daring adventures. I’d love to be in her flip flops!” – Pat Croce, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author
“Many people judge themselves by the value of material things and what society calls successful people. But are these people truly happy?  A few people live successfully by seeing through the smoke screen and really understand what riches life has to offer. Sue Cooper understands this and her riches are worth more than financial wealth. Cooper is living what money cannot buy. Live it, love it.” ~Reid Inouye, Publisher, Standup Paddle Magazine

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