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Lazy Dog Trademark and Licensing Program launches!

Become a Lazy Dog!

Lazy Dog Licensing Affiliate Program

We have recently reworked our franchise model into a more fun, dynamic and profitable Affiliate program. The Affiliate program gives business owners more flexibility, has less up front cost, no annual royalty fees and a faster startup than a franchise.

Build a business around the Lazy Dog brand or add our brand to your existing business!

Do you want to sell Lazy Dog brand merchandise with your town name drop?

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of the Lazy Dog brand business?

Do you want to open a Lazy Dog brand business?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then keep reading to find out how the

Lazy Dog Brand Affiliate program can help you build or grow your business!

Lazy Dog provides Affiliates with the tools and support needed for success!

  • Onsite Training and Continued Support

Lazy Dogs love our natural environment! We love that we are able to share our knowledge of our local waters and wildlife with visitors every day. Our two-day Boarding School at Lazy Dog Headquarters in Key West, Florida will give you a firsthand look into the day-to-day management of our thriving tour and rental business. Our experienced staff will work with you to help you develop the right combination of guided tours, rentals, classes, clinics and lessons so that you can build a business doing what you love in your own hometown. Once you’re back at home, our staff will continue to be available for additional support.

  • The Business Plan

Find your passion and make it your life’s work! Lazy Dog owner Sue Cooper has built an exciting and profitable business by doing just that. Sue will share with you what works, and what doesn’t, in the development of a successful tour/rental business including tips on building company culture, effective leadership and management, how to keep your business ahead of the competition and much more.

  • Merchandising

Everybody loves Lazy Dog brand merchandise! Our staff will work with you to help you develop your product line and offer support in establishing dealer relationships.

  • Marketing Your Lazy Dog Brand Business

Lazy Dog is everywhere! Sue and her marketing staff are excited to share proven strategies using creative marketing and social media that will work to set you apart from the crowd and grow your business. As an Affiliate, we will promote your location! Your Lazy Dog brand business will be included in the already successful Lazy Dog marketing plan.

  • Event Management

Lazy Dogs share the love! The Lazy Dog brand is recognized for our fun, dynamic energy and for giving back to the community. We have continued success in hosting races, expos, charity events and industry functions that are not only profitable, but that are recognized in the industry as “can’t miss” events. Our event planners will show you how to create, plan and organize a fun and exciting event for your community.

  • Industry Relationships

Let us get you connected! In our 15 years in the business attending industry expos, clinics and classes we have developed a number of professional relationships. We will connect you with people who have the experience and know-how to help you take your business even further.

  • Licensed Trademarks, Logos and Copyrights; Wholesale Dealership

Corner your local market! You will have licensing rights to use approved Lazy Dog brand logo with your approved name drop/town, for example: “Lazy Dog Hanalei, Kauai,” to wholesale to other businesses in your area. We will not grant another Affiliate using the same area name.

Now that you know you want a Lazy Dog Brand Affiliation, how do you get it?

Lazy Dog is looking for people like you to share and represent our brand! Our three-step process will get you on the path to being a Lazy Dog Brand Affiliate and building your Lazy Dog brand business.

The first step of the Lazy Dog Brand Affiliation process is to fill out an application. The application will help us learn more about you by asking questions like:

  • Why are you interested in a Lazy Dog License/Trademark Affiliation?
  • Is it just you, or do you have other partners involved in your business?
  • What do you envision doing with your Lazy Dog Brand Affiliation?
  • What are your goals for your business?
  • What is your background? Why should we choose you to represent our brand?

These answers don’t need to be too long or too formal; we want to get to know you. Keep it real!

We think you have the energy and passion that we are looking for to represent our brand! We have accepted your application! So, what next?

We want to meet you in person! It’s time to get started on your Onsite Training! Lazy Dog is more than a trademark, it is a lifestyle. We want to show you firsthand the way of life that makes the Lazy Dog brand special. All Lazy Dog Brand Affiliates will complete our Lazy Dog Brand Seminar at our Boarding School. This two-day training is offered at $1,000/person and covers specifics of the Affiliate program as well as our insider tips for developing and growing your business. By the time you leave you will be ready to hit the ground running with your Lazy Dog Brand Affiliate business! A list of onsite training dates can be found here.

Once you have completed the Lazy Dog Boarding School, you have the opportunity to apply for the Lazy Dog Licensing Program.  Lazy Dog is offering two exciting opportunities for you to build and grow your business:

  • Merchandising Only

You may already have an outdoor lifestyle business or retail shop, and you’re looking to carry Lazy Dog merchandise. For a $3,000 annual fee and no royalties we will authorize the use of the approved Lazy Dog brand logos with your approved name drop.

  • Business and Merchandising

Are you ready to grow your very own Lazy Dog business? For an annual fee of $5,000 and no royalties we will authorize the use of the approved Lazy Dog brand logos with your approved name drop, as well as the use of the Lazy Dog name with your approved name drop as your company name.

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing the Lazy Dog love with you. If you have any questions, or would like additional information about the Lazy Dog Brand Affiliate program, please email us at [email protected].

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